Still My Favorite


It’s funny…the first thing people ask me when I show them a piece of my art is, “How did you do that?”  Without skipping a beat, my answer is always, “I don’t know!” I drew this picture in high school – 10 years ago (cough, cough) and it still remains my favorite.  I can lose myself for hours drawing; although this day I lose myself coloring with my daughter for hours and hours.

I think we are all born with certain unexplainable traits, mannerisms, quirks, etc.  I do not possess one athletic fiber, yet my three year old son can pick up a ball and play basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball…you name it!  For some reason, I can pick up a Number 2 pencil and create the picture you see above. Funny, huh?


2 thoughts on “Still My Favorite

  1. Amy- I love it!!! Good for you!!! You DO have such a knack and passion for creating an appealing home!! I love the idea of using things you already have, as we all have stuff sitting around in storage collecting dust!! How many trays do I have that I could easily paint to add color, interest and flair to my rooms!!!! Definitely checking back often for more of your great (quirky :-D) ideas!!! Think outside the box!! We all need a little push in that direction!! (((((Hugs)))))!!


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