Using What You Have: In an UNEXPECTED (weird) way.

I’m always moving things around my house! It’s an obsession!  Once I get bored with moving furniture around (and my poor back says, “Give it a rest, lady!”) I start shopping my house for unused items that I can use in different ways.

Here are a few things I found sitting in a drawer, laying in a guest bedroom closet, and in our garage covered with crunchy critters that I’ve re purposed in an unexpected and slightly weird way.


I am having an “orange phase” right now and I recently gave this tray I purchased for $5 at Target a quick spray job (it used to be fire engine red).  This tray was our crunchy critter collector that had been sitting in our garage for quite some time. I wanted a touch of something orange and funky to balance out the water color painting I have resting on the floor on the opposite side.  I like the look and it’s something unexpected (and slightly weird, which I enjoy).


I’ve always loved this trivet I purchased from West Elm about 8 years ago (I think I paid $7 for it on sale).  I have to admit that I am not really a beige person anymore, so when I spotted this trivet sitting in a kitchen drawer, I knew it would be the perfect color and size to help break up all of the off-white/beige in our first floor bathroom.  It’s an unexpected way to use something that was just collecting dust.


This is our first floor bathroom and the second room you see after you enter our house.  Again, not being a huge fan of beige, I was not thrilled that all you saw as you entered this bathroom was a wall of beige!  I grabbed this plant (a Costco purchase 10 years ago) from our guest bedroom closet and plopped it in the unused shower.  It’s free and most importantly…Why not?

I also like to decorate with found objects. I’ve grouped these heart-shaped rocks in a tray on our front entryway console table.  It’s funny how something as simple as a rock can evoke sweet memories…all of these rocks were found around our yard at our last house.


I’ve had these hurricane vases for about 10 years (another Costco purchase).  Instead of throwing away a TON of coffee beans (don’t ask) I found in our pantry, I poured them in these vases and added vanilla scented battery operated candles I purchased from Target.  Every two weeks I stir the beans around in order to get a stronger coffee scent floating through the house.  The smell is beyond yummy! Voila!  Instant air freshener!

Decorate with cookbooks! It’s an unexpected decoration and definitely adds a bit of color to our white coffee table.  Oh look!!  There’s one of those glue string orbs again!

little man
Add one color-coordinated little goofball and you’re all set!

Have you used anything around your home in an unexpected (or weird) way?  I’d love to hear all about it!







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