Campaign Style Frame: using Rub ‘n Buff!


I figured it was time for a less wordy tutorial now!

I just love the look of campaign style furniture and accessories.  The gold accents just make a piece look so classy and timeless.

I have the above frame hanging in our family room (I am married to a German, hence the flag).  I purchased this poster frame at Michael’s for $5.99 and it looked it.  I had some Rub ‘n Buff already on hand and I got the idea to give it a campaign look (after staring at it and after my 2nd cup of coffee started to kick in…that’s when I get these ideas in my head!!).

This project will take you all of 15 minutes!


suppliesBlue painter’s tape / Small paint brush / Rub ‘n Buff in Antique Gold


  1. Place a piece of paper under each corner of your frame.
  2. Measure how large you want your gold corners to be (I made mine 3″ x 3″)
  3. Tape off each corner


4. Now start painting (be sure to paint in one direction)


5. Once you’ve repeated these steps on all four corners, you can remove the tape.  (*Rub ‘n Buff dries very quickly- apx 15 mintues)

6. In the time it takes the kids to watch one cartoon, you’re done! 


I just love the way this looks and think I will do this to many blah frames we have around the house!

Would you do this to a frame?  Do you like the campaign look?  Give me your thoughts! 



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