DIY CURTAINS: Made from drop cloths

One of the perks of moving into a brand new house is it’s a clean slate.

You are the first one to live in it. 

You are the first one to leave your mark on it. 

You are the first one to make memories in it. 

These reasons (except the last one) are also the downsides of living in a brand new house.  You have to install window treatments.  You have to install your backyard. Not to mention, if you can’t stand flat white paint then you also need to paint.

Cha-ching! Cha-ching! Cha-ching!

This brings me back to the subject of window treatments.  You see, houses are very different in San Diego, California.  Land is at a premium and therefore you are kind of squished together.  When you are squished together you tend to catch glimpses of your next door neighbors at their “finest.”

Sooooo….for a quick INEXPENSIVE fix to that I stumbled upon this fantastic tutorial by Carmel over at OurFifthHouse for Ikat Stenciled Drop Cloth Drapes!

I wanted something dramatic in our dining room, but pricing 12′ custom panels left me with a few more gray hairs!

I made mine for apx $45!





I get a kick out of using something so simple and turning it into something so beautiful.

Everyone who enters our house walks up to these drapes and starts feeling them.  They are shocked when I tell them I stenciled these myself, that they are drop cloths and that they cost only $45 to make!

Thank you for the wonderful tutorial Carmel at OurFifthHouse!!!


9 thoughts on “DIY CURTAINS: Made from drop cloths

  1. These are gorgeous!!! I’m a huge fan of drop cloths as curtains! I have them in both of my kiddo’s rooms but I only have ribbon on them to spice them up… I haven’t been brave enough to stencil any… But I’m definitely going to try, now! Way to go! 🙂

    • Janice,
      Thank you so much for the compliment! Carmel really gave me the inspiration to tackle these. These curtains were my very FIRST attempt at stenciling (I haven’t been brave enough either) and it’s easier than I thought. The only lesson I learned is to hide these from the dog. 🙂 Thanks again for the sweet words and have yourself a wonderful weekend. Amy

    • Thank you so much, Stephanie! I bought these drop cloths from eBay: This is not the store I ordered mine from, but this is a high rated seller and they offer free shipping! Yes, I will be putting a tutorial together very soon! Thanks for the kind words and have an awesome day!! Hugs, Amy

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