ADD INSTANT CHARACTER: Paint an interior door!

Here is a typical conversation between my husband and myself…

Me: “Honey, can I…”

Hub: “No.”

Me: “But…”

Hub:  “No.”

After giving him “the look” he finally asks, “OK, what is it?”

Me: “Can I paint the dining room table?”

Hub: “No.”

Me:  “I NEED to paint something in this house!  Can I paint one of the interior doors?  I promise you’ll love it.”

Hub:  “Can I think about it?”

That’s as good as a “YES” in my book.

Honestly, he is such a good sport and likes 99% of my projects and ideas.  Well, this afternoon I decided to quickly act on my impulse to paint one of our doors.  The door I chose was the one that led into the garage.  It’s tucked away so you don’t really see it.  Plus, it seemed dark in this hallway after I painted the wall with black chalkboard paint:


On a recent trip to Home Depot this paint caught my eye:


When I opened the can, I have to admit that I was a bit shocked at how bright it was, but it’s just paint, right?

I wanted the door to be a bit different so I decided to tape off a couple vertical stripes with blue painters tape.


This was a lot easier than I thought.  I simply ran a line of tape along two of the “ridges” on the door.


Time to paint!


I let the paint dry for at least one hour.  While the paint was still a little tacky I removed the tape.  (This ensures you don’t remove any of the paint and leaves you with a clean edge).


Voila!  I absolutely LOVE this and it sure adds a sunny shot of color in an otherwise dark space.


I was feeling so confident about my painting until my son said, “Daddy’s gonna be so mad at you!”

What do you think?  Would you paint one of your interior doors a bright color?


5 thoughts on “ADD INSTANT CHARACTER: Paint an interior door!

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