I’m not sure when my latest obsession started (I have MANY);  I guess after recently discovering Pinterest and drooling over spaces like these:

Pair-of-antique-Alabaster-lamps-with-modern-oversized-linen-shades-with-black-silk-trim1Source: Robin De Groot Design

8ac5be423f397617b2f1f22d9d5ac0b7Source: Acoustic Garden

IMG_5791Source:  Emily A Clark

There is something almost mesmerizing to me about over sized lamp shades.  They give weight to a room and help visually fill up space, especially in large rooms.

I have rather tall ceilings in my new home and I knew I wanted to go bold with some HUGE lamp shades.

I came across these and currently have them in our dining room and my daughter’s room:

31tCx2rnK4LSource: Amazon.com

These shades are HUGE (14″x14″x18″H) and are very well made.

For our dining room, I wrapped the shades in a black cotton fabric and added a chevron trim (confusingly it’s actually called tape, but it’s not sticky…???)    around the bottom. The lamp bases I purchased from eBay for $30. Here is how they turned out:




I kept the next pair of shades white for my daughter’s room, but did add two different sizes of black grosgrain ribbon for a modern look:


Kayleigh_dresserAgain, I purchased the vintage lamp bases from eBay.

This next lamp is in our master bedroom and sits on my husband’s dresser:


This lamp shade I had custom made about 4 years ago and the lamp base I bought from Home Goods for $15. This shade is very tall (24″x10″w) and it really adds some “presence” to our large master bedroom.

What is your obsession?  Share….I’m looking for a new one!



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