Back to the simple life: Our weekend

Almost one year ago today we made a huge move from northern Utah to San Diego, CA. 

Honestly, I do not know where the year went. 

It has truly been a blur. 

We sold our Utah home quicker than anticipated and had to vacate.

 utah_houseAhhh…I still miss that view!!

The only problem….our house in San Diego was still being built.    We were technically “homeless” for six weeks!


Luckily we have an RV and found a wonderful KOA campground in Chula Vista, CA (apx 7 miles from the Mexico border).  My husband, myself, five year old daughter, three year old son, and fourteen year old dog were all cramped in our RV for 1 1/2 months!  At times it was challenging, but overall it will remain one of the BEST times we’ve ever had!!


We didn’t have a mortgage payment.

We didn’t have any utility bills.

We did not have a TV.

We did not play with any electronic gadgets.


There is a lot to be said for living the simple life.  We loved it so much we came back to the same camping spot this year.  Guess what?  Some of the friends we made last year are here this year!  It seems to be contagious.

Here are some snapshots from our long weekend….

collage_kidsMy flower child / “Pony Races” / Camping staple: spaghetti / Love.

palms+collagePalms / Mandevilla (I have these vines in pots on our patio) / Jacaranda (most beautiful purple flowers, almost neon)

The weather in southern CA is pretty much tropical.  The greenery and florals are amazing!


rose_pieRose Petal Pie made for me by my daughter

mooEven our sweet 14 year old girl enjoyed herself.

How did you spend the holiday?  Whatever you did, I hope you enjoyed the simple life.



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