I have come to a point in my life (quickly approaching the big 4-0 by the way) where it pains me to toss things. 

I have thrown away, donated or just given away TONS of stuff, especially during our recent move.

To me, it’s literally flushing money down the drain

Well, I’m on a mission to squeeze the life out of things that were destined to be tossed.

Often I will find something in our home just collecting dust in a cabinet or shoved in the guest bedroom closet.  I grab it and literally walk around the house trying different options.  This process can last a few seconds or a few hours! Sound familiar?

And then….something just clicks….

vanity_collageWe never use this silver serving tray (Costco purchase)
and I think it looks amazing as a tray to hold my perfumes.

trivetI have never known what to do with this piece mainly because I have no clue what to call it…is it a trivet? is it a catchall? is it wall decor?  Anyhoo…I decided it’s new name is “Q-tip-soap-dispenser-hand-towel-display-do-hickey”  It adds a nice splash of color!

rugI ordered this outdoor rug from Ballard Designs and it turned out to be too small for our patio.  I am in love with it now in our master bathroom.  It’s made for outdoors so it’s incredibly durable…and best of all it’s WATERPROOF!

towelsFor some strange reason, we have TONS of these over-the-door coat racks.  Since we do not have any towel holders ANYwhere near our shower, I threw it over the top of the shower door.

Finally, for something that is not in my bathroom…


In a previous life I loved these crazy patterned lumbar pillows I purchased from IKEA (right picture).

In this life, however I love this black+white Ikat fabric.  I had a scrap of this fabric from a previous project and simply wrapped the pillow in it and secured it with….what else…duct tape!  It’s a perfect temporary, non-committal solution for someone who changes.her.mind.daily.


2 thoughts on “USING WHAT YOU HAVE

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