Easy+Fun: making over a pot


As I have mentioned in a previous post, I have reached a point in my life where it pains me to throw anything away.  You can read here how I re used+re purposed things around our house that were destined for either the trash or donation box.

That being said, I have a small collection of pots that seems to grow exponentially every year.  Thankfully I have held onto about 5 of these simple white IKEA pots.

kardemumma-plant-pot__0108814_PE258474_S4Source: IKEA

I like the modern+clean look of white, but I think BLACK+WHITE is so much better…

img65oSource:  West Elm

DP0116201317110965M.tifSource: Jonathan Adler

lappljung-ruta-rug-low-pile__0146815_PE305810_S4Source:  IKEA


Source:  Pottery Barn

And last, but not least….


These are the bar stools I recently re upholstered.  You can ready my tutorial here.

This is such a fun and FAST project.  I simply washed my pot with soap+water then gathered up at least 30 rubber bands that were in our kitchen junk drawer:


Next I just wrapped the rubber bands in any which way (I kind of like this look and I’m sure you could use this to hold make-up brushes or pens+pencils):


Spray paint the entire pot inside+out.  I think this would also look fab in gold!


If you want crisp, clean lines then you need to use smaller rubber bands.  I wanted a “brush-stroke” look so I used rubber bands that were a bit loose on the pot.

Let it dry for apx 2 hours and cut off the rubber bands!  I love the way it looks and I can always repaint it when my taste changes.




I know there are a ton of these projects out there, but just wanted to share one more!




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