Our Dining Room: Before & After

I was feeling a little nostalgic and pulled up an old (and a bit embarrassing) picture of our dining room in our previous house.  It’s reaffirming to do this once in a while to show yourself how your tastes have evolved.



I believe these pictures were taken shortly after we moved into our Utah house in 2006.  I had no idea what I was doing as far as decorating (like I had to tell you that!).  This was the first house we purchased together and our first attempt at mixing two very different styles – modern (hubby) and traditional. (me).  Well, fast forward 7 years later and I have a little more knowledge about decorating and have fully embraced modern furnishings and decor.

The ONE thing I have NEVER fully embraced however is my husband’s bachelor furniture – blonde wood with black accents. Not to mention I’m not digging how everything is so matchy. But we would rather spend money on something else (aka, kids’ college funds) than invest in a brand new dining room set (especially while our kiddos are still young & destructive).  It’s pretty low on the priority list.

So I decided to try an old trick to soften the over-masculine look of the dining room set…slip covers!  I purchased four dark brown and two khaki colored covers for the chairs.



I ordered these little accent pillow inserts from CB2 for $1.25 each on clearance.  To add some color, I made this pillow “sock” out of orange suede fabric.  It’s an easy project for a non-sewer like me.  Plus I can easily switch out these “socks” when I get tired of them, or simply want to update them with the changing of the seasons.



It’s still not perfect, but what is?  It’s sure better than it was and this look can last us another few years.  I sewed a few pillow covers for these accent pillows to add a little color.  All fabric is from fabric.com.

Here is what our dining room looks like today:




I cannot persuade my hubby to let me paint the table, so one of my projects is to build a “cap” for it out of reclaimed wood.  Now that I’ve recently mastered the miter saw I might get to that project sometime this decade!  Stay tuned…


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