My daughter’s old bedroom

While I was looking through pictures of our previous house for my last post, I also stumbled upon pictures of my daughter’s old room and thought I’d share these with you too.

I forgot how much I loved picking out the colors and free-hand painting the fun poppies on her wall.  The inspiration for her room colors and those flowers came from a card box I purchased at Costco about 6 years ago!  Funny that inspiration can literally come from anywhere.



My daughter’s room was such a bright, happy spot in the house!  When my husband painted the first brush stroke of pumpkin orange on the wall I think I grew at least 5 new gray hairs!  The more he painted, the more I did NOT like it, but I’m glad I listened to my gut that it would turn out great.  After painting the poppies free-hand on her wall I absolutely loved it!  All of the accessories in her room (dresser, wall shelf, toy chest) were white and it toned down the orange.  I chose (of all colors) lime green drapes and it looked great!


We (aka, my husband) hung a white wicker swing from IKEA  from her ceiling and it just made the room that much more fun.


By the way, if you’re wondering why I didn’t help paint her room, which happens to be a passion of mine, I was busy being EXTREMELY pregnant with my son:


It pains me to look at how HUGE I was!  He was worth it though, don’t you think?  🙂


Anyway, back to her room…


A good way to ease into using bright, bold colors is to tackle your kid’s room.  I think it’s an unspoken “rule” that you can go all out in their rooms.  If you do not have kids, paint a powder room, laundry room, mud room a bright color.  Trust me, after you paint one room a “crazy” non-traditional color you will want to go nuts!  Click here to see what else I painted a non-traditional, safe color in our new house.




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