Little Updates to our Guest Bedroom

PicMonkey Collage3

I am addicted to many things…

my kids, my hub, coffee, sushi, 80’s music, and FABRIC!!! 

I am always on the prowl especially for a gorgeous black+white.  During a late night stroll on (I know, how exciting!) I spotted this lovely and impulsively ordered two yards of it.


And wouldn’t you know, when I was just about to click “purchase” this fabric popped up on the sidebar with the caption “You Might Also Like This.”  Why, yes I would thank you very much!  (Just a side note:  online shopping is just like grocery shopping when you’re hungry…it never ends well).  So, I ordered two yards of this funkiness and called it a night.


I knew I wanted to add some drama to our guest bedroom and this fabric was just the thing to do that.  I used both fabrics on the accent pillows.  Again, I did this with my go-to-tool…duct tape!  I can’t explain why I refuse to just sew these.  I guess I know myself too well that I will change my mind sooner rather than later.

Just a reminder, this is what our guest bedroom most recently looked like…Click here for more pictures.


And now…



There are a billion of tutorials out there on how to wrap a pillow, plus this is rather self-explanatory…just wrap your pillow like a present and tape it.  For these pillows I used double-sided tape and it’s actually much stickier than regular duct tape.




I rarely stop at just one project when I’m updating a room.  I re-covered the two lampshades with a simple white fabric and swapped out the zebra rug with the jute one that used to be in our living room.

PicMonkey Collage

The zebra rug has found a new home in our downstairs hallway leading to the garage…


I still have a few things to tackle in the guest bedroom: install drapes and add some decor, but I am really liking it.  Stay tuned!



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