My $1.99 Mini Makeover {Laundry Room}

Who here loves doing laundry?  Yeah, me either.  It’s a punishment, but a necessary evil and when you have kids, it’s another room in the house you spend most of your time in.  Kitchen. Laundry Room. Potty Breaks. Kitchen. Laundry Room.  That sums up my day!

Our laundry room is very very blah and very builder-grade, just like everybody else’s. { Just getting on my soap box for a sec…why don’t builders put more thought into laundry rooms?  I mean, us Moms (and Dads) spend a lot of time in there and for the most part they look like prison cells.}



Stark white walls, tile floors…yup…prison cell!


Seriously?  They still make these ugly fluorescent fixtures?

I had a light bulb moment (pun intended) the other day…funny enough when I was putting my daughter’s laundry away.  I looked down at her floor and thought…”you’re too pretty to walk all over!”


So I snatched this bird rug off her floor (Joss & Main) and ran to the garage to find my $1.99 decorative tacks I purchased recently from Hobby Lobby…


and attached her poor rug to the laundry room wall!


It is such a nice pop of color and adds a ton of fun energy to the laundry room!


While I was in full rug-snatching mode, I swiped this round jute rug that used to be in my son’s room.  My poor kids!  I do have plans to make over a few things in both their rooms so they were excited about that and not mad at Mama.


A few little accessories and I was pretty happy.


I painted this large bowl many many years ago and filled it with my favorite smelling potpourri- Patchouli.  Now instead of smelling sweaty socks, I get to sniff this!


Funny what a few little changes can do.  Now it no longer feels like I’m “doing time” in my laundry room!


Now I guess I have to go shopping for two more rugs for two little people.



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