Easy+FREE Art

What a crazy week!  I thought with my daughter going off to first grade and being in school a full day now, that I would get TONS of stuff done around the house.

555798_10201032838001141_1870460817_nsniff. sniff.

Instead I’ve found myself wandering around the house making mental notes of what I need to finish and playing any-kind-of-ball activity with my 3 year old boy.  Another transition. It is sure an adjustment going from half-day Kindergarten to full-day first grade!   It is “serious” now.

Sorry…now onto something DIY…

I am in the constant process of moving our art around the house.  In a matter of 13 months in our new house I’ve managed to turn most of the walls into Swiss cheese!  In my quest to hide nail holes I made on the wall next to our downstairs bathroom I needed a VERY long piece of art.  After rummaging through our house and coming up empty handed I rounded up a small collection of small art canvases and some fabric and did a DIY art installation!  The canvases were painted on by my kids and I simply stapled fabric over their masterpieces so when they figure out I’ve covered up their work, I can tell them it’s only temporary.

IMG_6798[1]You can’t see the holes in this picture, but trust me…they’re there!


Here are the scrap pieces of fabric I chose for my art project. I scrapped my first stenciled drop cloth drape after I woke up the next morning to find my dog had walked all over the wet paint!  She left perfect paw prints all over them and our tile floor (I haven’t told my husband about that part yet).   The rest of the fabric I purchased from fabric.com.



Simply lay your canvas (or any other glass-less frame for that matter) down on a flat surface, stretch and pull your fabric, then staple!  I also did this recently to our 4 bar stools.

After 20 minutes I had four pieces of mini art!


I wanted to add a punch of orange so I got out my painter’s kit (haven’t used it for its REAL purpose yet) and added a little embellishment to two pieces with my Cadmium Yellow.  I know it says yellow, but I swear it looks more orange.



In this picture I am painting over a tan part of the fabric.  The paint is oil based so it should last forever.


I free-handed an “O” for our last name on another piece using the same “yellow.”



And here is the little art collection in its new spot, happily covering up my Swiss cheese wall!




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