Adding a little LUCITE to my life!

Our living room, like every room in our house, is a constant work in progress.  Just when I find my perfect inspiration picture…



I stumble across something (usually a throw pillow!) that takes the room in a slightly different direction.  I wanted to purchase a couple wooden end tables and re finish them to mimic the above room, but in this case I found a reasonably priced lucite end table on eBay instead.  Don’t ask me why, but while I was searching eBay for fabric one night I had some crazy moment when I typed “lucite end table” into the search bar.  I blame it on the glass of Pinot I was sipping that night!  Anyhoo…up popped this beauty...


I have always loved lucite, but was afraid to ever put it in my house for fear that it might look too juvenile.  Weird, I know.  So that insecurity lasted about 2 minutes and I bought it.  Lucite pairs well with just about any decor, just as long as you have no more than one piece in a room.  Then I think it looks cheesy.  The best thing about lucite is it does not take up any visual space in a room so if you’re looking for a perfect piece to put in a small space, lucite might just be your best bet!

So my table came 4 days later after I purchased it and I couldn’t be happier!   Here are a few pictures…






I think you’re either a fan of lucite, or just detest it.  I happen to love it and think it adds a bit of whimsy to a room.  I am almost ready to post a family room tour.  I’m running out of ideas so that’s a great time for me to do a post.  Stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “Adding a little LUCITE to my life!

  1. Ooh I really like that end table! I’m definitely on waaaay board the lucite trend: I’ve already picked up a few lucite accessories for my desk but hadn’t thought about bigger pieces yet. So cute!


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