Color Block |Pillow “Sock”

Sounds like a Dr. Seuss rhyme, huh?

I’m not sure if color blocking is on its way out or here to stay, but I really don’t care…I LOVE IT!  If you’re not familiar with this trend, color blocking is simply pairing two or three totally different colors together to make a bold statement.

Whether it’s FURNISHINGS:





Picture 18J. Crew

Color Blocking is a fun happy way to experiment with whacky color combinations!


Although my accent pillows aren’t too whacky or crazy, I think the orange fabric I used is pretty bold.  To create my color block look I kept it simple and made what I have coined as my “Color Block | Pillow Sock”  for our dining room chairs.

I found these down-filled pillow inserts at CB2 for $1.25 each on clearance (no joke!) so I ordered as many I could get my hands on.  They are small and measure 15″ x 6″.


This is so simple.  Grab some of your favorite fabric…my favorite color happens to be orange so this was an easy choice.  Since my pillow is 6″ wide x 15″ long I cut a strip of fabric 13″ wide x 8.5″ long.  I wanted to cover just half of the pillow (hence the “color block” look) and I allowed for a 1 inch allowance on each side.

Flip your fabric over so the unfinished side is facing up and fold in half.  Now sew along two edges (my fabric happened to have a fringe-like edge so I kept that side untouched).


You know the rest…turn your little guy inside out, and slip it onto your pillow.




This is such a great idea for the ever-mind-changer.  You can change out these little “socks” with the seasons or simply when you want a change.  That means every other week around here!


For an added punch of color, I added a striped grosgrain ribbon around one of these pillows:


Fun and easy for the non-sewer that I am!



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