Adding a DARK accent wall

I have always been drawn to dramatic, dark paint colors. They always make me feel warm and cozy.



For some strange reason I have an easier time painting a wall black vs. white!  While my daughter was at school today I got some crazy motivation to paint our wall in the kitchen area this color.


This is a Behr primer-in-one, no VOC paint.  I’m sorry, but I do not have the color name.  Here’s the story behind that….about a month ago I wanted to use this paint on our master bedroom.  As soon as I grabbed it off the shelf in our garage, it slipped out of my hands, crashed to the floor, and spilled all over the place.  The can was dented and there was no way I could get the lid back on, so I had to throw it away.  Long story even longer….I don’t know the name.  🙂

I LOVE this color because it’s one of those that keeps you guessing…is it blue, green, gray?  It’s all of the above!

As soon as I painted around the baseboards, ceiling (I hate that part!) I started to freak out a little.  My main thought was, “Oh boy, the hubs is NOT going to like this!”  But having my son around helped calm my fears as he kept saying, “I like it Mama!”


About an hour later, it was all done and I was a little doubtful whether I liked it or not.  It is VERY dark. I added some white drapes to tone it down a bit…


and absolutely LOVE it!  We have had these drapes forever and they are from IKEA.  I sewed some black grosgrain ribbon on the sides for a modern look.  (sorry about the lousy quality of the pics…it’s never good shooting pictures against direct sunlight).


To finish off the look, I grabbed some thick rope I had laying around in the garage.



The best part of this color is my hubs likes it too!  Whew!


2 thoughts on “Adding a DARK accent wall

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