Using Contact Paper on Our Kitchen Island

Have I ever told you that I am not the biggest fan of BROWN? (Except the UPS truck…LOVE THAT!!!) I enjoy touches of it, especially when it’s in a natural and organic state:



Driftwood wreath I bought at Home Goods.


Kukui Nut necklace & driftwood (free from our local beach)


Shoe form my Mom mailed to me recently.

I love these accents of brown because they add warmth to a room.  I draw the line at entire rooms of brown though.  So what does a woman with a lack of love for the brown have??

Ladies and gentlemen I introduce you to the world’s brownest kitchen….


Yup, brown tile, brown cabinets, brown granite, brown bar stools (still working on the husband to let me paint them).  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love our kitchen and it’s what sold me on the house.  BUT…the amount of brown has finally gotten to me.  I tried convincing my husband to let me paint the island white, but he is not going to budge.  See, I am married to a wood purist.  He does not believe in painting wood. at. all.  So what is a girl to do?

You got that right…pull out the contact paper again!!!  You can click here for a recent post I did about my many uses with my stash of contact paper.

I taped some samples of my favorites to the island.



Pure white.  Nice, clean, but a bit too glossy for me and the wrinkles show way too much. Next.


Diamond pattern.  Funky, but gave me a headache after looking at it for more than 2 minutes. Next.


Zebra pattern.  Ummmm…way too funky!  Next.


Faux grasscloth.  Timeless, nice texture.  DONE!!   One problem…this is the ONLY paper that is non-adhesive!  Argghhh!!!  So, I used what double-sided tape I had on-hand and put up one piece.  Tomorrow I will install the rest.



I like it!  It definitely breaks up the dark brown and brightens up the island a bit.  I have to go buy some more double-sided tape as well as some more of this shelf paper tomorrow (they sell it at Walmart by the way).   Stay tuned for the final reveal.

PS- I love it when I can implement my ideas while not driving the husband crazy!  🙂


One thought on “Using Contact Paper on Our Kitchen Island

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