DIY {Sharpie} Moroccan Rug


I have been in love with this Moroccan shag rug for quite some time.  It’s neutral but has a fun graphic pattern and can pair easily with traditional or modern decor.



Here is a different version of it (the ever-popular Souk rug)



The last one is my favorite (I would just be scared to vacuum it for fear that the fringe|tassles would get caught in the rollers!)

Anyhoo, while my oldest was at school last Friday I decided to be very “productive” and makeover our little shag rug that has been banished to the garage since we moved in over a year ago.  We purchased a few of these ivory colored shag rugs from IKEA a few years ago and quickly regretted it.  Black Labrador+Two Kiddies+Clumsy Mama= Mess. Mess. Mess.  These rugs quickly went from ivory to tan to gray in no time.  But I have not had the courage to just toss them yet.

hampen-rug-high-pile__0185428_PE337392_S4I have wanted to purchase one of these Moroccan shags for a while now, but I have come to a point in my life (for those of you who have been hanging around a while….sorry for sounding like a broken record) where I can’t justify $200-$1,000 for a rug (much less anything else!).  WHY BUY WHEN YOU CAN MAKE, I say!

So without further adieu here is my DIY Sharpie Moroccan Shag Rug:

First grab any less-than-desirable accent rug you have laying around, preferably one that is beige, ivory, you get the hint.


My rug measures 32″ x 60″ (makes the math on this DIY so easy for me).  I found the half way point on the short side (16″) and put a dot.  I then marked the half way point of the 16″ (8″) then put a mark at 24″.  My first grade teacher would be so proud!  You should have 3 dots along the short side of your rug (8″, 16″, 24″).


My little boy’s hand (aka Mama’s Photo Bomber!)

Repeat these steps along the opposite short side of your rug.

Then do the same math along the long side of your rug.  The long side measures 60″ so I marked at 30″, 15″, 45″.


(Sorry for the quality of some of these pictures. I was clicking pretty fast before my little photo bomber started mooning me again).

Now you need to mark in the middle of the rug.  Simply mark where each dot you made on the short side intersects with a dot on the long side.


Once you have all your dots, you are now ready to start drawing on your rug.  I must admit, I was a bit nervous to start doing this, but after the first line it’s empowering.



Now it’s just playing “connect the dots.”  Connect one of the dots on the short side of the rug to the first dot on the long side of the rug.  Make sense?  I know, it’s not rocket science.


Simply make a zig zag line down the short side of your rug.  You should have a perfect symmetrical “W”

first row

Now time to make your “W” into 2 diamonds.

two diamonds


Next will be another “W” row on top of this one, until you end up with 4 diamonds on your rug.


By this time I really had to concentrate, as the infamous Sharpie fumes were making me a bit loopy (even with every window open).


The simplest way to complete the rest is to simply connect the dots in the center of each triangle|diamond as seen in the above picture.


Repeat the process going in the opposite direction (so it looks like you are making one large “V”)



Connect the rest of the dots and you should be left with your very own DIY Sharpie Moroccan Rug!



I am not endorsed by Never Wet, but I just have to say this stuff rocks!  I’ve used it before to “kid proof” (aka water proof our bar stools).  If you want to water proof your rug then I would recommend using this product.  It’s a spray and takes only 30 minutes!  Before doing this, I did put my lovely “new” rug outside for a couple days to air out the nasty smell.

My only problem is I’m not sure where it looks best…

IMAG2606In my kitchen

living room

living room2 Or my living room

Now that I think about it, I have another one of these rugs in the garage!



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