Make a “Lamp Wrap” {using an oatmeal container}


I know, you’re probably thinking, “Yep, she’s officially lost it.”  Like most of my DIY projects, I cannot explain what part of my brain this one came from.  It was fun though and cost $ZERO!

The lamps in my son’s room have never felt right to me.  They are dated in my opinion and not chunky enough…and I love a good chunky lamp!


Like I said, this is a fun, free, quick project.  All you need is an empty large oatmeal container, hot glue gun, rope (I purchased a roll from Home Depot) and of course, a lamp!  My lamp bases just happened to be the exact same height as the oatmeal container so this was a snap!  If your lamps are taller then just use 2 oatmeal containers and cut one to size, then just glue them together.


To start, I cut the bottom out of the container.

bottoms out

Then glued an end of the rope to the container.


Now just glue. Attach rope. Repeat.


almost done

When you’re at the end of your rope (ha ha!) put a large glob of glue to be sure it sticks really well.  That’s it!

done wrapping

I just love the way this looks.  I think I’m going to feed the family oatmeal for breakfast the next 2 weeks so I can make some more of these, but use them around the house.  Pen/Pencil holder? Vase? Craft supplies container?  Yes. Yes. Yes.

Next I removed the old shade and slipped what I’m now calling my “lamp wrap” over the base.

it fits

It fits!  I was a bit worried that the decorative ball and pull chain would show, but after rummaging through my stash of lamp shades, I found the perfect one.  It’s a white linen one I purchased ages ago at Home Goods.

closeI was amazed at the transformation!  It makes me chuckle knowing I turned a blah lamp into something chunky and cool for free!!


Here it is in my son’s room.

before and after

And here is the before and after!  Now to sound like a child of the 80’s…it’s totally awesome, huh?  🙂



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