Simple Kids’ Reading Nook


kids reading nook

Today’s post is short and sweet (kind of like the two people I had in mind when I created this space).  I love the idea of giving my kids a spot all to themselves where they can sit and read a book.  I carved out a little spot on our second floor just outside of our guest room.  We already had the bookcase secured to the wall so it wouldn’t fall on either of my kids (they are little monkeys after all).

I stole their bean bags from their rooms and added the flokati rug as a nice spot to stretch out and read.  The “READ” letters were a recent purchase from Michael’s that I spray painted a bright gloss red.

read sign

While I was at Michael’s I spotted these inspirational wood signs that I spray painted different colors.  It’s always nice to surround yourself with inspirational things.



I was thinking about painting the far wall with chalkboard paint, but am not sure about all the chalk dust that would collect on the rug.

My kids love this space.  I was curious what they were up to the other day as it was really quiet all of a sudden (always a concern when they’re quiet right?).  How happy was my heart to see them curled up on their bean bags “reading” one of their Oma’s German novels.  Another success.

kids reading nook


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