Organizing my daughter’s closet


Kids and clutter go hand in hand right?  It’s nothing new.  I don’t think any expecting new parent (including myself) had any clue just how much blinky, talkie, fuzzy, plasticy stuff would invade our lives once we had kids.  The stuff is never-ending and can be overwhelming at times.

Being the lover of all that is IKEA we had an Expedit shelf on hand.  I think within 6 months of moving in to our house this thing had been moved to just about every room.  The best and most efficient use of it though hit me when I was picking up my daughter’s clutter (for the 1,875th time).  I was just about to toss her Barbie bath tub into the closet when I had the idea of using our Expedit to organize her toys.

Thankfully I was able to shove it in her closet without damaging any walls. It was meant to be.

side view

I used these red boxes (also from IKEA) to hold her dolls, doctor set, doll clothes and purses.

aerial view

I whipped out my chalkboard labels and got my girl organized!



To free up floor space I purchased these hanging closet organizers from Land of Nod to hold her growing shoe collection (the apple doesn’t fall far from that tree!).  The green boxes hold games, crafts and electronic toys.

angled view

To add even more fun to that side of her room I purchased these gold vinyl dots from this Etsy store.  Her closet has become the happiest spot in the whole house, although sometimes I think her closet looks like it has a case of the measles.  But, happy nonetheless.




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