my first vintage finds

So after my rambling the other day, I mentioned that I made a trip to a local+funky vintage shop.  Since I am just venturing into the whole mid-century modern thing I decided I should probably take baby steps so I was very thankful that this shop is tiny and not jam-packed.

amy_krist_interiors: "Heaven."

[via my instagram feed]

I found this place after spotting a few amazing mid-century modern pieces on craigslist that I absolutely loved (and the prices of his vintage treasures were jaw-dropping).  Here are some pics I snapped of his amazing stuff

vintage desk

vintage credenza

vintage green beautyCrazy right?

vintage toys

vintage typewriter

You know you’re old when you used a typewriter and now see them for sale in vintage+antique shops!

vintage chairsdrool.

vintage hair dryerthe funniest hair dryer I’ve ever seen

Here is what I came home with


The lamp bases are not technically MCM, but they are such a gorgeous color (almost a bronze) and metal.  I paid $40.  I love vintage hard back books (who doesn’t?) and bought 3 for $2 each.   I love love love armillaries and when I spotted this vintage one I snatched it up.  The little ornate box is something I never thought I’d buy, but I kept picking it up, putting it down, picking it up, etc.  When I do that I figure there’s a reason so I grabbed it and paid $10.  For under $80 I came home with some unique things.

The hard part was finding just the right spot for each.   After much trial and error here is where their new homes are

vintage_lamp end table

vintage lamp_detail

vintage_lamp behind couch

vintage_blue couch

vintage_sedgewick2our buddy “Sedgewick”

vintage_box styled with books


vintage_armillary styled

vintage_armillary side view

The owner of this shop is not only super cool, but very knowledgeable about MCM.  He also said something that struck a cord with a me, “Mid-century modern is one of those design styles that people don’t realize they love.  Once you purchase a piece of MCM furniture you instantly become hooked.  MCM evokes an emotion and just makes you feel good.”

‘Nuff said.



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