blogging [and my final post on amykristinteriors]

Behind every piece of art is a human being pouring their soul into it.  Behind every blog is a dedicated human being sharing a special part of themselves with the world.  It’s like being naked for people, complete strangers, to judge, critique and analyze you.  Just after I click that “Publish” button after finishing a post I feel completely naked, exposed and vulnerable to criticism.  But, I keep posting and sharing my ideas- some pretty cool, some just plain weird.  Why do I do it?  Why do any of us do it?  For me, blogging is a tremendous creative outlet and one that I crave.  Until I discovered blogging I always thought I was weird because I re arrange the furniture in my house constantly, change styles constantly, paint constantly…you get the picture.  Blogging is a community where I feel I belong and can relate to other creative people.  It might have taken me 40 years to get here [and many career changes – I’ve been everything from an administrative assistant in a paper factory, house painter, to Realtor and owner of my own tiny graphic design business] but I found my true passion…design [and blogging].

This is my final post on  If you didn’t catch my post the other day then you may not know I now have a new blog site:  It may sound like a small change, but it’s a pretty big deal to me.  I did have a lot of help initially setting up my new blog and moving all of my files over, but what you now see is my design, a header I created myself, self portrait, etc. It’s my art, my creativity and it’s all hanging out there for the whole world to see and critique.



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