Hi there!  I’m Amy Olszewski (ol-chef-ski) – I know, it’s a doozie!  I’m a wife, stay-at-home mom to two 10-E9AE1D59-89722-960amazing and beautiful kids, an avid DIY-er, and a design JUNKIE!  I was born to create, paint and decorate.  I would spray paint my kids and dog if they sat still long enough!  Although I am not an interior designer by any means, I can pull a room together with a little vision, creative juices, and patience (mostly on my husband’s part).

We recently moved to southern California from northern Utah and are living in a brand new, cookie-cutter house.  While my kiddos have adjusted just fine to this change, I am still in “nesting” mode, trying to quickly make this house into our newest home on a VERY TIGHT BUDGET! 


To say that California is an expensive place to live is an understatement.  No worries.  It has taught me a valuable lesson in how to use what you have, build something from scratch if it’s not in the budget,  or simply purchase something much-needed for dirt cheap.  I have so many funny stories about doing “junk runs” with my kiddos in tow. You can turn anything less than desirable into a unique piece with a little vision and a can of spray paint.

This blog is simply a spot to share my latest ideas, projects and        progress on turning a builder-grade house into something personal and unique on a VERY TIGHT BUDGET!

 Join me in watching the progress…hang onto your seats!!  IMAG1458

Thanks so much for stopping by and please enjoy!











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