Making over IKEA pots

ikea vase_overlaygold embellished IKEA pot

Hey guys!  Sorry for the lack-o-posts lately, but I have something pretty major (aka- time consuming like having another child) in the works and I promise it’s worth the wait!  At least I hope so.

So in my quest to make over this brand new builder blah house I’ve come to the realization that NOTHING is off-limits.  If you don’t know this about me by now, the fam and I recently moved to one of the most expensive places to live in this glorious country of ours…California!!

Sorry for sounding like a broken record if you’ve hung around a while.  But, it’s worth one last mention because it’s so true.  Everything is pricey in California…(oh dear, here she goes again!!)…gas. groceries. taxes (have I ever told you that when you buy ANY piece of lumber from a certain huge home improvement chain you will be charged a tax to each said piece of lumber.  Even though each said piece of lumber has already been cut and processed you are still charged at the check out stand a tax of $.04 per piece.  I know…wah, wah, wah, but boy you start to think twice about conservation once you’ve lived here a while!

So my point to that rant was that I don’t just say these words in black on my blog to try and impress you…I live it everyday!  So I have to get creative with my DIY or I will go insane!

Here we go….for my latest little DIY I grabbed one of my IKEA pots (doesn’t everyone in the world have at least one of these things?) and a favorite product of mine-my gold Painty pen-and went at it!

ikea vase_painty pen

I am not endorsed one penny for this post; I just love these little guys and want to share.  These oil-based paint markers come in every color and they dry super fast. You can use these on glass, wood, plastic, you name it!

ikea vase_paintingCheap Therapy.

After 10 minutes of coloring in the lines (literally) I was done!

ikea vase_holding tightGauging by the jagged edges of my lines I’d say this was a two cup of coffee morning.

ikea vase_succulent

I stuck a succulent from the backyard in this glamed-up pot and called it a productive DIY day!

IKEA vase_gold stripes


My happy little pot now sits on my bathroom counter top alongside my recent DIY artwork.   I think I’m living out a childhood rebellious period because I’m drawing on things I probably shouldn’t.  Click here to find out what I mean.

ikea vase_overlay


2 thoughts on “Making over IKEA pots

  1. i have lived in san diego my whole life. i didn’t quite understand how expensive everything here was until i spent a week in texas. now every time i buy something i want to cry, especially groceries and gas. and other states don’t have the random home depot lumber tax?! that’s not fair.

  2. you definitely pay for the weather and gorgeous surroundings here, huh? At the end of the day, I do like living here; you just have to live on a budget. Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog Michelle!! Hugs, Amy


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