My Son’s Room (take two) + Humble pie

My poor son.

He is only 3 1/2 years old and is already discovering how crazy his Mama is.

He has been begging me to paint his room orange for the past month now and I just have not had the courage to do so. I have more courage painting a room black rather than a bright bold color. I wonder what that says about me.  Anyhoo, instead I picked quite possibly the darkest green color out there to paint his room. I also used this color recently on an accent wall in our kitchen area and love it!


Mind you, I already wallpapered an accent wall in his room with this faux wood plank wallpaper so it was already feeling a bit cozy in there (aka, dark!).


I convinced myself that it would look amazing and I would lighten up the space with white curtains, white rug and other light colored accents.  All this time my husband kept saying, “I think his room might look better in a bright color.  I’m just saying.”  So did any of this sway me from turning his room into a cavernous space?

Uh, no.


You see I suffer from “I’m-a-rebel-and-don’t-listen-to-anybody-else-because-I’ve-convinced-myself-that-I’m-right syndrome.   This syndrome is not pretty and always ends with an “I told you so.”

Guess what?

I’m now in the process of painting his room orange.  Humble pie is so yummy don’t you think?

I worked up some courage after a quick power walk around my neighborhood and returned home to start all over.

view from my walk(view from my neighborhood walking trail)

While hanging my head in shame (not really, I actually do LOVE to paint) I brought out the heavy duty Kilz primer and accepted defeat.

booy in a basket

All he kept asking me was, “Are you gonna paint it orange NOW MAMA?!?”  Telling a three year old to be patient is so much fun.

So I took a 20 minute break to play catch with a t-shirt


and baseball with my paint roller extender thingy

stick boy(yes the kid does have actual toys, I was just too lazy to run downstairs to get a real ball)

After one hour the primer was dry enough so I could start painting the orange accent wall.  This color is so bright the lady at the paint store said, “You’re one brave woman.”  If that doesn’t send chills up your spine I don’t know what will.

starting to paint

Craving Mac ‘n cheese?  I was and it’s what I’ve made for lunch the past two days.

orange wall

All I kept thinking as I stood back wanting to hate the bright bold color was, “I hate it when I’m wrong.”


DIY Lucite Tray (with lucite handles)


I recently saw this brilliant idea on Dwellings by Devore and was so amazed!  It’s not only easy (15 minutes max!), but very inexpensive and…GORGEOUS!  All you need is an acrylic shadow box, handles (I have had a pack of lucite ones from IKEA for quite some time) and a screwdriver!

To get started, I made a quick trip to Michael’s this afternoon and purchased this acrylic shadow box for $8.99.  The one I used for this project measured 11″ x 14″.


I have had these acrylic handles for several months now and have been waiting to use them on just the right project.  And here we are!  (You cannot beat the price of these…$2.99 for a 6-pack!)


The next step is to accurately measure eyeball where you want the handles.


Make two small dots with a marker where you will be drilling.


Drill, baby, drill!


The screws that came with the handles were way too long and therefore the handle was not secure at.all. I rummaged through my ever-expanding pile of screws and finally found the perfect ones.  Sorry, but I do not know the dimensions but can if you’re stuck.


Attach your handles and you’re done!  Isn’t this so cool?  I just love it!


Like the tutorial on Dwellings by Devore I wanted a print to cover the bottom.  So then I rummaged through my ever-expanding pile of fabrics and cut a piece of b+w chevron to size and put it in the bottom of the tray.


I could have put this tray just about anywhere in the house.  I decided to give it to my boy, as he is not too happy with Mama right now for painting his room a v.e.r.y. dark color.   We are going to paint it a light color again with one wall orange.  Stay tuned for that!




For a total of $12 I was able to make a one-of-a-kind tray that suits our modern taste perfectly.



Upcycling Spaghetti Jars


I have seen this idea on Pinterest and know there are a ton of tutorials out there so I will keep the chit chat to a minimum today.


I love nothing more than taking something doomed for the trash heap and turning it into something useful and pretty (I think).  It’s such a feeling of satisfaction.

This is such an easy project and takes all of one hour (50 minutes of that is from a cycle in the dishwasher).

To start, I grabbed an empty spaghetti jar, washed it then removed the label.  This is the hardest part of this project, as those &*%#$ labels are glued onto the jar with super-human adhesive.


See what I mean?  You will have some goo left on your jar so grab your Goo Gone, squeeze some on a paper towel and be amazed.  (I do not know what is in this stuff, nor do I really want to, but it’s the greatest invention!)


Five minutes later and I had a sparkly clean jar!


Next I spray painted the lid with black spray paint.


Then I drilled a hole in the center of the lid and inserted a small screw.



For the “handle” I used my son’s old dresser knobs and also gave them a quick squirt of black paint.  They came with his IKEA Hemnes dresser and I recently replaced them.


Now you simply attach the knob to the jar and you should have this


Now just put it all together and here you have your upcycled spaghetti jar


To fancy mine up a little I added some jute rope and a chalkboard label I purchased from Hobby Lobby.


(No, I didn’t spell coffee wrong, I’m married to a German!) 🙂

I also attempted to create a mercury glass look on one jar using Looking Glass spray paint+black spray paint.  Tutorial coming soon!


I love how they turned out and especially love upcycling “trash.”



Closet Door Makeover | using black tape


I think I officially have a problem…I’m running around my house lately with at least 3 different colors of duck tape in hand wondering what I can slap it on.   It has quickly become an addiction much like my addiction to contact paper because it’s my favorite way to update something; it’s quick. easy. temporary.  In case you’re new here, these are a few things I’ve updated with duck tape recently:


I stuck bright orange duck tape to the front of each drawer knob for a punch of color+funkiness in my son’s room.


I added “racing stripes” to my son’s IKEA boxes using red+white duck tape.

I’m back in my son’s room again for this latest idea.  My inspiration came from this amazing image I came across:


Her IKEA makeover was right up my alley (she used black electrical tape to create the stripes you see)!  While we are on the subject of IKEA I recently spotted these lovelies and only wished they were sold online:

MARMORBLAD Curtains, 1 pair IKEA The curtains let the light through but provide privacy so they are perfect to use in a layered window solution.

I’m clearly a linear person, huh?  Obviously I was motivated to re create this look and what better place than my son’s closet doors!  To me, they are just another canvas to “paint.”  Not literally of course.  So I grabbed my black electrical tape and went to town on his closet.


There was NO measuring involved, just eyeballing and using the ridges of the raised panels as my guide.  For the first line I simply ran a strip of tape along the edge of the raised panel.  Electrical tape is perfect for this, as it’s a little “stretchy” and gives you a nice straight line.




You can see I first started this little makeover with a horizontal strip of tape at the top of the door.  I ran two strips of tape along the top and both sides of the door for a nice graphic look.  Don’t ask me why, but I decided to put one piece of tape along the bottom of the door.  I guess I don’t like things too perfect.  🙂



Thirty minutes later and I was done!  I will finish the other door tomorrow.  Oh who am I kidding…I’ll probably finish it sometime next week.  Have a great day!


My DIY Sanity Break!


The title of this post will be self explanatory in just a moment…stay with me!

So today started off like any other day…

rise and shine at 6:30,

stumble to kitchen,

guzzle down 1st cup of coffee,

check emails,

get kids’ lunches made,

make kids b’fast,

guzzle down 2nd cup of coffee,

then RUSH to get kids out of the house in time for school!

All was normal until I dropped my daughter off at school this morning then this happened…

Photo: This is how my day started.

My VW van decided to go and die on me!  Twice while I was in the drop off lane in front of my daughter’s school!  Thankfully no one yelled at me or whaled on their horns.

Of course I had to then bring my son to school…and I was snack Mom today!!

So to say it was a bit of a stressful day is an understatement.  Know what I do when I get stressed?  I do DIY PROJECTS!

So when I finally got the kids home from school safe and sound I slipped into the garage (aka, my Mom Cave) for 15 minutes to create this:


A key holder that I made out of a scrap piece of wood, fabric, screw hooks, and some yellow nylon string.  I had all of these materials laying around our garage and I whipped this thing together in 15 minutes.  Just enough time to get the day’s stress out.

To start I grabbed the ugliest piece of scrap wood I had and wrapped it in this b+w chevron fabric:


After 35 staples and some hot glue on each end I then cut a tiny hole where I wanted to attach the hooks.



I wanted to add a little something extra so I grabbed some bright yellow nylon string I had in my stash.  (Don’t ask me why I even have this!)  I placed a dot of hot glue at the bottom of the hook and secured some string so it would hold.  Then I wrapped the hook and used another dot of glue at the end to hold the string in place.



To attach it to the wall I simply used some more string and stapled it onto the back.


There you have it…my 15 minute DIY Sanity Break!  It always feels good to relieve stress in such a productive way!


I think it’s a great addition to our chalkboard gallery wall and goes great with my bright yellow door:




I screwed this into the wall and hot glued a turquoise crystal (from my daughter’s art kit) to the screw to make it pretty.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings!  Have a great day.


Changing My Son’s Room (yes, already!)

Even though I recently finished my son’s room, it just never felt right.  First off his room faces East so he just gets the morning sun through his one and only window.  Secondly, I used dark accessories – dark curtains, dark bedspread, etc and not to mention I wallpapered an accent wall with wood plank wallpaper.  Third, I think he wasn’t even inspired being in there!  Even though he’s very young (3 1/2), I think he knows what he likes and doesn’t when it comes to how his room looks.

I was flipping through a Land of Nod catalog recently and found this picture


I was immediately smitten, especially with the colors in the wall mural.  I am planning on interpreting this mural into his room.  Since I am not a fan of white walls I am planning on painting his room the same color I used on our kitchen accent wall:


This color has become my new favorite.  I love that it reads blue, green and gray!   I know it’s dark, but I am planning on using lots of white accessories to keep it from feeling like a cave.  I took his “MacGyver” drapes down and replaced them with simple white ones from IKEA.


vivan-pair-of-curtains__0100659_PE243899_S4TO THIS

I’m planning on keeping his dresser the way it is, but I added a funky orange accent to it this weekend (again, pulling colors from my inspiration).  Just to recap, this is what his dresser looked like recently.


I got out my bright orange duck tape and a sharp utility knife and did a 10 minute facelift on it.










I know it’s a bit crazy and not for everybody, but I think I can get away with some funkiness in a little boy’s room don’t you?   I think I will add some more orange in his room; I’m just not sure how or where yet (accent pillows? adding an orange band on the bottom of his drapes?).   Looks like I’ll be busy this weekend as well.


DIY Rope Knot Doorstop (Ballard knock-off)


Whew!  What a busy (DIY) weekend I had!  How was yours? I don’t know where my burst of energy and motivation came from (when I get like this I just go with it!), but I managed to squeak out a few new DIY projects (stay tuned!) as well as tweak some things in several rooms around the house.

One project I’ve been conjuring up in my mind is how to make a door stop for the door that leads to the garage (without spending one penny!)


This door is especially frustrating when I have my arms full of groceries, a sleepy child, backpacks, sports equipment, or all the above!  This door needs to be propped open as it shuts automatically.  This is what we have been using for the past year…


Yup, our poor hand vac!  I am not sponsored in any way for saying this, but Electrolux sure makes a tough product!  This thing has been kicked, dragged and used at least 25 times a day as our door stop and still looks new!  Just sayin.

As I was watching the kids play in our back yard on Friday afternoon I had one of those light bulb moments.  See, our back yard is very sloped and an occasional large rock will slide its way down into our yard.  That’s when I realized that I could use one as a door stop!  I have always loved the rope knot doorstop from Ballard Designs especially because it has a handle, and I just knew I could replicate the look…for FREE!  (I can’t justify spending $49 on a door stop!)

Ballard Designs

So I grabbed a rock, some rope I had on hand from a previous project, Gorilla Glue and went for it!



First I made the “handle” then started wrapping my rock over and over again.  I kept rotating it a bit while wrapping the rock so it wouldn’t be “lumpy” on one side.  You need to keep pressure on the rope while wrapping the rock.




Halfway through, I needed to play a game of freeze tag so I grabbed a clamp to hold everything in place.


I used a little Gorilla Glue wherever I saw the rope fraying or lifting away from the rock and clamped it.  This project was fun and only took 20 minutes!  The best part is, it was FREE!  I love that (and so the husband).


I know it’s not identical to the real thing, but that doesn’t bother me one bit.  It serves its purpose just fine and I didn’t spend one penny!