Another IKEA Hack: Embellishing a LACK table!


I swear I should have named my blog, “The House that IKEA Built.”  🙂 I didn’t realize just how many things we have around our house that we purchased from IKEA.  After living with our LACK tables for over 8 years I thought it was time to either donate them or try to make them a bit fancier.  So….after stumbling across this amazing website (my ) I had the brilliant idea of using these overlays to transform our LACK tables into our new master bedroom nightstands.

Sorry, but I forgot to take pictures during the process so I will try to be as specific as I can (it’s so easy though!).

Supplies you will need:

  1. Two Overlays of your choice, if embellishing ONE table. (*Note: my LACK table is 21.75″w x 21.75″d x 17.75″ h so I used the Grace 15.75″ square overlay)
  2. Two pieces of scrap wood (2″w x 0.75″thick) measuring 17.75″ long
  3. Liquid Nails & small paint brush
  4. Small L-brackets
  5. Decorative trim
  6. A good primer (I used Kilz Max- water based)
  7. Paint color of your choice (a can of spray paint works great to get into all the corners)
  8. Polyurethane

How To:

  1. Make sure your table is clean! I just gave it a good wipe down with mild soap and water and set it in the sun for 30 minutes.
  2. I used scrap wood to make the bottom “ledges.” They need to be cut to 17.75″ long.
  3. To attach the ledge to the bottom of the piece I used small L-brackets (see below) Be sure it is flush with the front of your table.

IMG_3859[1]4.  Repeat step 3 on all sides (4) and you are left with a top and bottom ledge to attach your overlay to.

5. Now grab your overlay and apply Liquid Nails to only 2 sides.

6. Lay your table on its side and attach your overlay to the top and bottom “ledges.”  (*You will be left with a gap on either side, but I will cover that in a bit).

7. Let it dry for at least a few hours (I would recommend letting each side dry overnight) before attaching the other one.

8. Once you have attached both overlays, you will notice you are left with a gap between the overlay and the leg of the table.  I didn’t expect this, so I ran to the hardware store looking for ideas and their decorative trim caught my eye.   The trim I used was the one with the “lines” on it (don’t you love my description?)  It is apx. 1″ wide. You can see it in the above picture.

9.  Cut four pieces of trim to 15.75″ and apply a glob of Liquid Nails to the end of two pieces.

10. Lay your piece on its side again and add your trim pieces next to the overlay.  Be sure the trim lines up with the top and bottom of the overlay (see picture below).

11.  Repeat this step to the other side.


12.  Now it’s time for priming this piece.  I brushed the primer on all over the piece and let it dry again overnight.

13.  Now the fun part…painting!  I wanted a fresh look for our bedroom, as our bedroom set is DARK wood.  So, I painted these end tables white.  Knowing me, they will be orange or turquoise in the near future though.  🙂

14. Let your paint dry overnight and use it however you like!


This is another piece people “Oooh” and “Aahhh” over.  I’ve had one friend tell me it looks like something Jonathan Adler would like!  🙂  Let me know what you think!  I would love to hear your comments!


2 thoughts on “Another IKEA Hack: Embellishing a LACK table!

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